Posted by Kenneth Macy on Nov 02, 2023

Sylvia Whitlock

Ron Sekkel introduced speaker Sylvia Whitlock presenting via zoom.  In 1987, Sylvia  Whitlock became president of the Rotary Club of Duarte California making her the first woman to hold such a position within Rotary International. The chapter's charter had previously been revoked in 1978 after they violated Rotary International policy by admitting women. The Duarte club filed suit and the revocation was overturned. Rotary International appealed the decision to the US Supreme Court. The Court confirmed the Californian decision supporting women, in the case of Board of Directors, Rotary International v. Rotary Club of Duarte. After the ruling, Rotary International ended their policy of gender restrictions.

Bonny Hawley

Our speaker today was Bonny Hawley, a long-time resident of SLV.  She has been very active in the community working for Joe Cucciara and Fred Keeley in the past, associated with the state Assembly  for 12 years.  She has contributed to various Town Plans and Quail Hollow Park plans.  She is active in the Friends of Santa Cruz County parks working together with the state and Mountain Parks Foundation.  One of the most recent parks she has been working on is the Castro Adobe State Historic Park.  This is the newest State Historic Park and is recently opened for visitors after extensive restoration work after damage done by the earthquake in the '80s.  The Friends are now turning their attention to Sea Cliff which suffered much damage in the recent storms last winter.

Kristin Praly

The speaker this evening was Kristin Praly from Horse Sense & Advocacy.  This non-profit group helps horse owners learn the proper feel, timing, and awareness necessary for the effective communication their horses.  Kristin will help you sort out issues causing confusion between you and your equine.   Horse Sense Educators will help you to become a clear confident partner and rider. 

Mike Humenik

Mike Humenik of the Santa Cruz Mineral & Gem Society talked to the club this morning on gems and minerals and where to find them.  Here he is holding a big chunk of calcite crystal.  He talked mainly of caving (spelunking is the term) and gave some details of the caves on the UCSC property, two of which are named Empire and IXL.

Kevin Foster

Kevin Foster is with the Native Animal Rescue (NAR). He brought two friends: Zeus the owl and a red-tail hawk I didn't get the name of!  NAR is a small, local non-profit licensed by both the California and Federal Departments of Fish & Wildlife to rescue and rehabilitate the sick, injured or orphaned wildlife of Santa Cruz county and surrounding areas.  Their goal is to rehabilitate to release back into the wild.  They have 5 paid staff and more than 60 volunteers, handling more than 3,000 animals per year.  Here he is with both birds with president Andrew assisting.