Posted by Kenneth Macy on May 25, 2019
The speakers this morning from the "Derby Girls" Roller Derby team entertained the group with stories of their time on the Roller Derby Tour.  There was Sharon D. Pain (Eileen Hill),  Mad For Gravy, and Bunny FuFu.  The "Read More" link below has more information about this morning meeting.
Bunny FuFu
Sharon D. Pain & Mad For Gravy

Thursday evening the group had brief introductions from our two RYLA campers for this year.  Ralph made the introductions.
Brianna Wright
Katherine McCormick
Minutes of Rotary Club of SLV
May 22, 2019
President Linda opened the meeting with Rotary’s Four Way Test, introductions, and the Thought for the Day.
Announcements:  Redwood Mt Faire, rain or shine, is coming along nicely. Please look for a reminder from Ken and show up for your shifts!
  • Memorial Day Parade – meet at 9:00 am. You can ride or walk
  • New member induction at Thursday’s meeting. RYLA students will also be there
  • Next year’s District Conference is in Hawaii on June 6-10. Register early – it’s only $395 for the first few days in June.
  • June 24 is the RYLA barbecue
  • Charlie received his second Paul Harris
  • Make Space coordinator, Jennifer Hooker, is our speaker the first Wed. in June.
  • We are dark next Wednesday, May 29. Justin is hosting a social at his home in Ben Lomond on May 30th.
Conference- Karen shared her award with us and others said they were so proud of her. Scott Kelly was the keynote speaker and was very inspiring. Judi shared highlights of the tour and encouraged us to visit the USS Hornet.
Guest speaker: Santa Cruz Derby Girls, Sharron D Payne, Mad 4 Gravy, Bunny Fufu
Santa Cruz Derby Girls is a non-profit. There are over 1000 members in the league- all volunteers. The teams skate on a flat track on a rink the size of a basketball court. Roller derby teams of 15 play two 30-minute periods. Each period consists of multiple jams. Each jam is an opportunity for both teams to score points. Teams travel to other cities and also host tournaments here.  Derby Girls Bombshells are ranked 20th.
Additionally, there is also a junior derby. The Santa Cruz Derby Groms are ranked number one in the world!
The Derby Girls believe giving back to the community is important. They have been involved in the following ways: beach clean-ups, blood drives, and  donating to non-profits. They have donated over $30,000 and 1000 volunteer hours. This year they are donating to SPCA.
Saturday, June 29 is Rotary Rumble with the Santa Cruz Derby Girls. The fun starts at 6:45 at the SC Civic Auditorium. Come dressed in rainbow flair and be prepared to participate in some half-time games. (Other home games are Aug 24 and Oct 26.)
Detective: Carole asked some crazy questions and made lots of money for the club!
Drawing: Ralph pulled the 2!  Buy tickets.
The meeting was adjourned at a.m.
Minutes respectfully submitted by J. Haff