Posted by Julie Haff on Apr 30, 2018
Our speaker today was Jessica Locatelli, presenting her Red Badge autobiographical talk.
Minutes of Rotary Club of SLV
April 25, 2018
Members in attendance: Ken, Joe, Don, Janet, Julie, Linda, Mary, Joe, Cameron, Mike, Charlie, Karen, Don, Ralph, Carol, Bob, Jessica, and Sue.  Guests: Cindy Sekkel and Syda Cogliati (candidate for superior court judge)
President Karen opened the meeting with the flag salute, introductions and the Thought for the Day.
Guest speaker: Jessica Locatelli, Red Badge
Born in Texas, Jessica played soccer in a high school of 4,000 and developed an early love of horses. She attended college in Washington, Cabrillo and graduated from UCSC in 2008. She started out at the Monterey Credit Union and worked her way up to branch manager. Jessica took a class in urban planning but there were so few jobs she decided to go a different route. She took a job at Morgan Stanley in 2011 where she is a financial advisor.
Jessica met her husband, Ty, at his sister’s ranch in Felton. They married and own the old Eddy Ranch in Boulder Creek. Jessica now rides competitively. Jessica and Ty have a daughter named, Mia, and are expecting a little boy in July. She plans to go back to riding once the baby arrives.
How lucky are we to have such a great red badger!
Detective: Tanner hit a home run and Mammy made a scene. Sue followed up a trivia quiz, though she had no loyalty to her table. Thanks Sue.
Drawing: Linda!! No joker was found but at least you don’t have to buy Karen a beer.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 a.m.
Minutes respectfully submitted by J. Haff