Posted by Kenneth Macy on Apr 10, 2019
Today was club assembly and among the topics were the upcoming Lacy J Dalton fundraiser, End Polio Now campaign, Redwood Mountain Faire.
Minutes of Rotary Club of SLV
April 10, 2019
Past president Mike opened the meeting with Rotary’s Four Way Test, introductions, and the Thought for the Day. We welcomed Jason to our meeting.
April 14                       Lacy J Dalton Concert – we have a list of jobs. Please sign up. Times may vary.
Apr 18                        Soupline at the Coconut Grove $50 a ticket- money to the Homeless Service Center
Mar 1                          Ski challenge at Tahoe City
May 17 – 19              USS Hornet Rotary Conference. Karen and Ron will be receiving awards on Saturday night. If you have the stamina, show up for lunch on Saturday and stay for dinner.
May 25                       Felton’s Remembrance Parade
June 1 & 2                 Redwood Mt Fair- parking before and after the fair and during the fair as well. Sign-ups have started!
Today                         Dues are due!
Through April            End Polio Now – $50 donation
Shout out to Ken Macy for driving around and delivering Gray Bear food bags to
Club Assembly:
  • We practiced our singing part in the Lacy J. Dalton concert
  • Ralph donated a computer and Mike has the Microsoft package that he will install
  • We paid for 2 RYLA spots and 0 SLVHS students applied. We will offer our spots to other clubs on Friday.
  • Ken played a short End Polio Now film. Gates Foundation will match 2 to 1.
  • Thursday night meeting in BC- Laurie Bruton will be the speaker.
  • District training last week- Karen was on a panel and gave an update on our membership program.
  • Speech Contest- ours came in 4th. All students were excellent.
  • We have six applications for the Thursday night club- with one more to follow.
  • We now have a family membership bonus where we will wave one initiation fee if two family members sign up at the same time.
  • Press Banner has a picture of the Club on the front page for its $15,000 donation to the Felton library.
  • Redwood Mountain Fair- on line sign-ups will start on Friday. Ken sent around a sign-up.
  • Sue asked about handicap parking. She will check it out.
  • We are in the black on Lacy J. Dalton. Volunteer hours are 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. Concert hours are 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.
  • Thursday meetings- It’s going well and Mike has received positive feedback. One of the questions we discussed was should we go to two evening meetings and two morning meetings? Many people liked trying to 2 and 2. There is a suggestion to have a trial for 2 and 2 (3 months). Here’s our count: Keep it as is- 5 Rotarians (4 morning and 2 evenings0. Go to 2 morning and 2- 13 Rotarians. Drop 1-2 mornings - 3 (evening and 2 morning). Schedule is TBD.
Drawing: Mary, won and amazing $5 (no joker!).
The meeting was adjourned at a.m. 8:37 a.m.
Minutes respectfully submitted by J. Haff