Posted by Julie Haff on Oct 17, 2018
Today's speaker was Lisa Robinson, President of the SLV Museum.  She went over the planning that is taking place for the use of the Faye Belardi Memorial building in Felton by the Museum after the Library is re-established in its new building next year,
Lisa Robinson
Minutes of Rotary Club of SLV
Oct 17, 2018
Members in attendance:
President Linda, Ken, Judy, Joe, Janet, Julie, Karen, Mary, Cameron, Mike, Charlie, Steve, Ralph, Carol, Bob, Ed, Fransizka, Scott, Cindy.  Guests:
President Linda opened the meeting with Rotary’s Four Way Test, introductions, and the Thought for the Day. Linda thanked everyone for attending the Barrel Wrap, Lobster Feed and Mt Affair.
Announcements: Nov 17 will be a food work day at Safeway: Dec 8 is the Holiday gift shop; Christmas social Dec 21 at Joe and Linda’s: dictionary project in a couple of weeks – 168 dictionaries; Don’t miss Dave Wilson our speaker on Oct 31—Mike encourages us to bring prospective members.
Guest speaker: Lisa Robinson, President of the San Lorenzo Valley Museum
Lisa Robinson has lived in the San Lorenzo Valley since 1990. She is President of the Board of Directors of the San Lorenzo Valley Historical Society, which owns and operates the San Lorenzo Valley Museum , where she manages the exhibitions and collections.
The public wanted to have a place to donate photos and artifacts in a museum in Felton. The historic Faye Belardi Memorial Building, which has housed the Felton Library for sixty years, will be available once the new library is open.  Built in 1893 as a Presbyterian church, the Faye Belardi Memorial building will become the newest – and oldest — museum in the San Lorenzo Valley.
Renovations to the site include: lighting, movable walls, accessibility, exposing the existing tiles that are currently covered, and so much more. Once completed the building will house a variety of exhibits including temporary exhibits from the Smithsonian. The Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County is funding the removal of lead paint from the site. While there are many grants for the renovations, there are no funds for operational support ($10K annually). The SLV Museum recently launched an endowment campaign to raise $25,000 to start an endowment fund at the CFSCC. Currently they have raised 60% of this goal and also have a rainy day fund. To find out more information visit the SLV Museum website or write to Lisa at
Detective: Thanks goodness, Cameron decided to throw some soft balls! What to go Rotarians!
Drawing: Mike left the joker for the rest of us!
The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 a.m.
Minutes respectfully submitted by J. Haff