Posted by Julie Haff on Jan 29, 2018
Today's speakers were Kate Teague and Joy Anderson, California Youth Connection.
Kate Teague
Joy Anderson
Minutes of Rotary Club of SLV
Jan 24, 2017
Members in attendance: Judy, Joe, Linda, Janet, Julie, Mary, Cameron, Mike, Charlie, Steve, Ken, Karen, Carol, Scott, Franziska, Sue, Bob, and Ed.  Guests: Rotaract: Robert, Monna, Christina, and Cindy
Mike Holton presented the Paul Harris Fellowship on Sue Seeger.
President Karen opened the meeting with the flag salute, introductions and Thought for the Day.
Announcements: Valley Churches needs your help on Feb 3 and 10. Please call to find our more information. Scott invited us to attend his program on Feb 10 at Heavenly Café from 3-6 pm (singers get in free!); Rotaract is hosting Big Heroes, Big Hearts Saturday on Feb 24 from 12-4pm; Scotts Valley Rotary is hosting a Lacy J. Dalton concert on April 28th; Feb 21 is our next Rotary social; Feb 14 is our speech contest; March 6 is the area speech contest at SLVs PAC; don’t forget to pay your dues!
Guest Speaker: Joy Anderson and Kate Teague, California Youth Connection
This is a 30-year organization supporting students who are in the foster care system in California. There are 291 students living in foster care in Santa Cruz County and 66,250 foster youth in California. 
Children come into the foster care system for an average of 2-years, most placements are because of neglect or abuse. If they do not return to the home, often they go to live with another family member. If there isn’t a family member available, they go into foster care home or a group home (not many in SC). There are both over and under expectations for youth in the foster care system. Children’s mistakes can result in a change in placement and inconsistency in their life. This can be both confusing and frustrating for these young people.
The goal of CYC is to give support to foster youth so they can grow into healthy and productive adults. They are looking to educate citizens in foster care. Independent Living, Foster Ed, Guardian Scholars Program, Smiths Society, CASA, and Family Services are all working to support foster youth. CYC is looking for volunteers who will host meetings or drive students to other meetings. They are looking for food for those meetings. CYC is looking to pull foster youth across the state to attend conferences and share their ideas for change.
May is National Foster Care month.
Detective: Julie gave a 6th grade true and false quiz on earthquakes. The membership excelled!!
Drawing: Cameron is hunting for the joker but picked the 2 of diamonds!
The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm
Minutes respectfully submitted by J. Haff