Posted by Julie Haff on Jan 17, 2018
Today's speaker was Susan True of the Community Foundation.
Susan True
Minutes of Rotary Club of SLV
, 2017
Members in attendance: Judy, Joe, Linda, Heather, Brenda, Don, Janet, Julie, Mary, Cameron, Mike, Charlie, Steve, Ken, Karen, Ralph, Carol, Scott, Eric, Franziska, Sue, Gil, Scott W, Tamie, Bob, and Laurie.  Guests: Thomas Wynn, Judy Sherman, Roxanne Moore, Michelle and Jim Moscher.
President Karen opened the meeting with the flag salute, introductions and Thought for the Day.
  • BC Pizza Social Monday, Jan 22 6:00 pm
  • Feb 14 Speech Contest here at the our morning meeting
  • Jan 6 3:30 – 5:30
  • Today there will be a fireside chat for Ed Titus
Guest Speaker: Susan True, CEO of Santa Cruz Community Foundation
Susan attended UCSC and Stanford University. She was the Executive Director of CASA and First Five. Most recently she was the Director of the Kenneth Rainin Foundation in Oakland. Susan won an Effie Award for designing the program Talk, Read, Sing—a marketing campaign for early education. Susan True was hired by SCCCF in September 2017.
The Legacy Society has been set up to help community members in their estate planning. One idea is to have a percentage of a person’s IRA account go directly to the community foundation. A MOCI gives a person the opportunity to work with the community foundation as his or her interests in giving changes rather than going back to their estate attorney.
About ¾ of the SCCCF giving comes from donor advised funds; 18% is from competitive grants, and another 6% are agency funds. In 2016, SCCCF gave 957 grants totaling $6,918,455. In the last 4 years there were 58 grants in the Valley totaling $300,000.
SCCCF provides a place to gather and learn and help the non-profit sector meet their goals. The Regional Water Management Foundation also operates out of the CF and Ralph Miljanich is the president. This allows a third party (RWMF) to write grants and bring money into the county to improve water in Santa Cruz County including: watershed control, water supply reliability, and infrastructure upgrades.
Susan asked for input and comments from the Rotarians and guests. Comments include:
  • Susan to continue to get out and speak to different communities
  • Emergency preparedness – where are we
  • Hang in with education – we have a good educational system but schools certainly need help
  • Easter Seals has an endowment fund but wondered if CF could help them grow (Scott Webb CEO)
  • Think about estate planning and others who may need help with estate planning- what other non profits, businesses, services need to know about SCCCF
  • Disaster and how to be prepared from the resilience perspective (Judy Sherman)
  • Library and park in the Valley – where people gather and build community and help with Valley specific needs
  • Library – the non profit Friends of the Library kind of ignores the Valley and our priorities don’t necessarily bubble-up
  • Volunteer fire department needs
The meeting was adjourned at 8:30
Minutes respectfully submitted by J. Haff