Posted by Kenneth Macy on Jan 13, 2022

Dani Derrick, Cyber Security Professional

Dani is a technologist and account manager in the cybersecurity industry.
Today Dani presented on some key topics of security in our online world: Passwords, Email Separation, Credit Freeze, Two-Factor Authentication and Social Engineering.  Most people use much too-simple passwords that are easily cracked by algorithms running on today's computers.  Since we have so may services online that we need passwords for, she recommends using a password manager.  In day-to-day usage of e-mail, never click on any included link.  If you want to visit a website URL in an e-mail, type the URL link yourself  in our browser.  Use one of the 3 credit bureaus to "freeze your Credit Report" if you find unfamiliar activity connected with it.  When an online service offers 2-factor authentication, use it.  It's a little more time-consuming but will help prevent unauthorized access.  Finally, there are still Nigerian Princes out there who want to send you $1million if you'll just send them $50, don't do it.