Speaker Date Topic
Clare Campbell Jul 18, 2018
Ishara House
Ishara House
Australian born Clare Campbell is the owner of Outback Trading Company in Felton. She became passionately involved in doing what she can to bring hope and healing to people in the DRCongo after learning about the suffering and death of millions there over the last 20 years.  She established a women’s sewing project, 2 school sponsorship programs and a home for vulnerable and orphaned children. During her first trip there last May, Clare was able to see for herself these projects in action and flourishing. Her latest endeavor is to build a school with a focus on peace and conflict resolution.
Katie Lamb Jul 25, 2018
First Year Achievements

Katie Lamb, former (and future!) Rotary scholarship winner, and standout SLV track athlete will update us on her several first year achievements.

Her Mom, who is known by many Rotarians, will hopefully join her. 

Kristin Praly Aug 01, 2018
Working with youth
Working with youth

Kristin Praly has over 20 years of experience with horses.

Today she takes her horsemanship lessons to youth. A UC Davis Graduate, educator and leader by nature, Kristin’s experience with youth has yielded widespread learning-by-doing over the last 16 years.  Teaching within the SLV School system K-12, local Homeschool Charter schools including Ocean Grove Charter, Girls scouts, 4-H, and her own program Horse Sense Education and Advocacy, has become her life work.  As the Santa Cruz County Outreach Coordinator, 4-H Incentives and Recognition Committee Chair member, past County Council President, and Modern Woodmen’s Youth Services Leader it is Kristin’s goal to keep youth programs thriving in our area. 

Ray Gorski Aug 22, 2018
Scotts Valley Theater Guild
Scotts Valley Theater Guild

Ray Gorski is Vice President, Sales & Marketing of Digital Dynamics, Inc, Scotts Valley.

As Director of Volunteers for the Scotts Valley Theater Guild, he’s guided a group of people in realizing a long-held goal: convert the building shared with the Scott’s Valley Library into a first class performance space.

He’ll discuss the City’s approval of a 6 month extention on the lease for the space, and progress on concrete foundation work.

Tim Lundell Sep 26, 2018
District Governor's Visit
District Governor's Visit

A longtime Los Gatos resident, Tim Lundell has served the town as a volunteer youth leader, coach, education and community advocate and has recently been honored as 'Rotarian of the Year.'


Based on his years of Rotary service and his contributions to the Rotarian Community around the world, Tim has received the honor of now being named incoming District 5170 Governor. 

Dave Wilson Oct 31, 2018
Rotary Group Study Exchange, Global Terrorism