The Rotary Club of San Lorenzo Valley was chartered in 1985. The club president is elected by the membership and serves a one year term. Officers and the Board of Directors meet monthly to handle the club's business. 

Rotary International was founded in 1905 in Chicago and has spread throughout the world. Its mission is to provide service to others, promote high ethical standards and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace. In the 1980's Rotary International established the goal of abolishing polio by inoculating children throughout the world. With UNICEF,  the World Health Organization, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rotarians have traveled worldwide to help with this task.


President                                Karen McNamara

President Elect (2018-2019)     Linda Fawcett 

Past President                         Karen McNamara

Secretary                                Julie Haff

Treasurer                                Ken Macy

Rotary Foundation Chair           Mike Holton
Membership Chair                    Eric Hammer
Executive Secretary, Interact    Janet Coit     

Officer-at-Large                      Joe Griffin      

Web Master                            Ken Macy