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April 2021
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Senator Dave Cortese
Apr 21, 2021 12:15 PM
The Pandemic and How Your State Federal Monies May be Spent to Benefit Morgan Hill and South County
Don Emley
Apr 28, 2021 12:15 PM
The Founding and History of Rotary Club of Morgan Hill Endowment, and the Don Emley Fellow Kickoff
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Rotarians have been volunteering for the past several weeks at a series of Covid-19 Vaccination Clinics held first at Sobrato High School and more recently at the Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center. These have been the most regular series of vaccination clinics in Morgan Hill.
These clinics initially came about because former City Council Member Larry Carr, who works for Safeway/Albertsons Companies, wanted to help get teachers vaccinated to help get our schools open as well as serve the food service and agricultural worker sectors. Larry reached out to MHUSD Superintendent (and member of our club) Steve Betando to form a partnership between the School District and Albertsons Companies. The key benefit to this relationship was that the Albertsons Companies get their vaccine supply directly from the federal government. The original plan was to have 4 days of clinics at Sobrato.
The effort needed volunteers to help manage the vaccination clinic site, so Steve contacted Service Projects Director, John McKay. John recruited members of the Rotary Club of Morgan Hill to participate. John coordinated the volunteer schedule and Steve managed the Sobrato site creating a efficient and kind environment for volunteers and vaccination recipients alike. The volunteer effort was so effective that the Albertsons staff agreed to additional clinics and requested us to continue helping at these clinics. Rotarians responded by volunteering over and over again and bringing family and friends to help manage the vaccination site(s). When the second location at the Community and Cultural Center was added, John recruited other Rotarians to act as site manager for each day using the model that Steve created for as well as lessons learned during the Sobrato clinics. John McKay, Ken Tak, Mario Banuelos, Roger Knopf, Theresa Kiernan, and Victoria Battison have served as daily site managers. We are also partnering with members of the Morgan Hill Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) who are providing additional volunteers at the Community and Cultural Center site.
As of April 11, 18 clinics have been held, providing over 6500 vaccination doses with at least 3000 of those doses given to Morgan Hill residents and there are 16 more clinics scheduled in the coming weeks. If you would like to volunteer or are interested in sponsoring lunches for the early shift volunteers, please contact John McKay.
Thanks to all who have volunteered or sponsored a lunch!
This effort was covered in a Morgan Hill Times article on March 31st.
Back in 2017, a Rotary Club of Morgan Hill-led international project came to fruition. Our club worked with seven other Bay Area clubs and a club in Tanzania to secure a Rotary International Global grant to provide support to the Orkeeswa School.  Our very own Robin Shepard, though not a Rotarian at the time, wrote an article about the effort for the January/February edition of gmhToday - which can be found here ( Recently, the students sent us a wonderful video thanking the club for all our support (
The Rotary Club of Morgan Hill is excited to honor those that will play a pivotal role in creating a better life for our community through skilled labor.  Skilled labor refers to workers who perform hands-on work and possess abilities, training and safety-minded expertise within their industry. They bring proven experience and knowledge to job sites and construction businesses. People engaged in the “Trades” make a lasting and meaningful impact on society. They create homes for our families, structures for our profession, and transform the ordinary into the magical. The Rotary Club of Morgan Hill is honored to create a program to assist members of the community in their endeavor to be a part of this critical profession.
The importance of skilled labor cannot be overstated; we are experiencing a crumbling infrastructure, a disappearance of vocational education in our public schools, and an ever-widening skills gap. At times, members of this skilled labor community demonstrate not only their importance but represent the Trades as a whole being a necessary component of our lives.

One such person was Darren Dean, a local Morgan Hill painting contractor that bridged the gaps between his profession, community service, and community leader. Darren was an entrepreneur who ran a successful business and managed to figure out just the right work-life balance; in his far too short of a life, he touched so many in Morgan Hill. Darren served as a mentor to many around him, providing opportunities for change in their life, and the lives of those around them.
On Friday, Nov 13, the Morgan Hill Community Foundation held their annual Philanthropy Night Gala. Of course because it was 2020, it was a virtual event. Our club's honoree was the very deserving Past President, Lorena Tuohey! As always, we submitted a video explaining a little about our club and giving the honoree a chance to say a few words. This year, Alex Vo worked with Lorena and Terry Moriyama to come up with a terrific concept for the video and it turned out beautifully! If you didn't get a chance to view the event in real time, you can still see the video by going to Thanks to Alex for his terrific work and congratulations again to Lorena.
Continuing a club tradition since 1993, we held our Veterans Day Observance on November 4. Why a week early? Because the program committee had secured a Medal of Honor recipient as our speaker and that is when he was available. The program committee Ira Marshall, Jim Jeisel, Roger Malech, Penny Noel, Elle Scott, and Brian Sullivan put together a great program.
Gary B. Beikirch served as a combat medic with the Army's 5th Special Forces Group in Vietnam and recieved the Medal of Honor for exposing himself to intense fire in order to rescue and treat the wounded, and for continuing to provide medical care despite his own serious wounds during a battle at Dak Seang Camp. This video gives more details on his service.
Unfortunately, Beikirch was unable to attend the meeting because of some last minute medical issues. However, he sent his very inspiring message which was delivered by President Craig van Keulen in his place. His message was very relevant to today and also supports the Rotary motto of Service above Self. The entire message is below.
For those of you who missed the video or would like to review the process of the recent Cooking with KC event, attached is the video and the recipe.
Rigatoni Carbonara with Prosciutto
(Traditional Italian Pasta Dish from the Lazio Region (Rome)
  • 4 - 6 OZ Deli Sliced at 1.5 – 2 (often the package prosciutto is too thin) Prosciutto s
Program Note:
I will be using prosciutto for the program because 1- it is really good and 2 because of time and the difficulty in getting my favorite carbonara protein –guanciale is difficult to find.  Alternatively pancetta can also be used.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 2 large Eggs plus 2 Yolks
  • 1/3 Cup of fresh grated Pecorino plus extra for topping
(NOT Parmigiano Reggiano which is from Emilia Romagna
this is a Lazio dish ! )
  • 12 Ounces of Dry Rigatoni
  • 5 Ounces of Baby Spinach
  • 2 Ounces of Sun Dried Tomato’s
  • 1 Garlic Clove
  • Red Pepper Flakes
  • Fresh Parsley
  • Salt
  • Fresh Ground Pepper
  • Bread or Baguette