Ellen Cook was inducted into Breakfast Rotary on September 21. She retired recently as a senior scientist and formed her company Cajun Cook which sells Cajun Jambalaya and sells “Start Up” kits in all the regional grocery stores. Ellen is on the board of start-up companies Isomark, LLC and AbE, LLC. Both are biotech in nature. Isomark’s patented technology (maintained by WARF) monitors exhaled breath to detect infections caused by a metabolic change in the body from viral, bacterial, and fungal sources within 4-6 hours of onset and prior to onset of symptoms. AbE Discovery has a diverse portfolio of patented technologies focused on supporting animal health and also partners with entrepreneurial scientists to lead their technologies from discovery to impact. The global non-profit is called IndiMark. She said they have partnered with Gary and Books are Power to send books to the 3 villages which are in Kajiado County, Kenya. Ellen came to Wisconsin in 1982 from Louisiana and received a PhD from UW-Madison. Ellen - “I am very excited to become a member of the Breakfast Rotary Club! You should know that I considered other Rotary cubs and this one just fit me in the best way!”