Posted by Priscilla Thain

Tabatha Davis and Rebecca Alcock, November 26 speakers from UW Engineers Without Borders

Tabatha Davis and Rebecca Alcock have been involved with the Zapote Water project for four years.  They have been in Guatemala 5 times and recently spent 3 months there.  The first phase of the project has been completed.  It brought water from springs in the mountains to the community.  Previously the San Martin Water System was unreliable and overpriced.  The average wait for water was 2.8 days.  The second phase of the project, costing $51,885 would bring piping and taps to 100 families, a church and the school.  The Los Altos Rotary Club in Guatemala, which is 4 hours away, will handle the grant.  They will need $10,000 to get matching grants to get started.
Our thanks to Tabatha and Rebecca for their wonderful work in the world in the spirit of Rotary and for their presentation.