Su with her first host sister Aberdeen

Life in history rich Turkey is full of family celebrations with music and folk dancing, Su told Breakfast Rotary on September 24.  Su comes from Izmir, the 3rd largest city of Turkey, on the west coast near the Greek islands.  The Republic of Turkey was founded in 1923 after winning independence in the war against the Allies.  The Turkish alphabet has 29 letters some of which are marked for the Turkish language.

Su went to an American School for all 12 grades in the same classes.  They celebrate Halloween in her school but the rest of the country does not.  Su’s father is an architect, her mother is an archeologist and she has one sister age 10.  Su has participated in a model United Nations starting in the 5th grade.  Each student represents a country and supports that country.  She also participated in a summer camp at Brown University, and visited New York, Chicago, and Nashville. Su wants to be an architect like her father.

The club enjoyed slides of historical Turkey as well as the wedding celebrations and dancing and was treated to Turkish candy.