One book processing day was hosted during the month.

Rotary Books for the World - Report for March 2011


  • One book processing day was hosted during the month.  Participants included friends of the book project, 16 members of the UW Badger Catholic Service Team, and 8 members of the UW Asian Pacific Law Student Association.  Five pallets of books and six pallets of student tables and chairs were processed.
  • About 1057 boxes of books were donated in the first quarter of 2011 versus 481 boxes in 22010.
  • The UW We Conserve Program distributed e-mail notices to occupants of the UW Southeast dorms in anticipation of the book collection drive they will be conducting at the end of the semester.  Some collection bins have been set out in these dorms, and additional non-dorm sites will be set up at Grainger Hall and Helen C. White library.  Carol is working with the We conserve staff to coordinate processing these books in May.