Posted by Priscilla Thain
Jim Zirbel, Beau Thomson, Jocelyn Sansing, Dir.Middleton Library, Thom Weiss, Carol & Bob Dombroski and Gary Muldoon, loyal workers and supporters for Books for the World, at the April 22 club meeting.
On April 22, Thom Weiss, manager of the club’s Books for the World, outlined the history and current status of the project.  The project began as a Texas – South Africa partnership between 2 District Governors in 2000. There are now 3 major collection sites in the U.S. The Wisconsin operation, the 2nd largest, began in 2005 when Carol and Bob Dombroski started collecting books from the public schools in their McFarland home basement. The project was taken over by the club and moved to several locations in Madison. Thom Weiss took over from the Dombroskis in 2014 and 12 truck loads of books were sent to Houston in 2015. Because of the trucking costs, a decision was made to back off and only accept books from schools and not libraries. Now they do accept books from the Middleton Library friends group and the Lakeview library that know exactly what we need and pack them.
In 2018, 3951 boxes of books (89 pallets) were packed. 26 pallets fill a truck. Seven truck loads, ,including 300 desks, were shipped using 1517 volunteer hours. The Hallman Lindsay paint company collects books around the state and brings them to the Madison warehouse, which is located near Madison College on the East side. The cost to ship a truckload to Houston is about $2100. Breakfast Rotary funds one truckload a year.
The Second Wind Foundation in Houston, Texas ships the books around the globe. Shipping is the biggest cost. We are grateful for the following donated costs:
- The MATC warehouse space
- 2nd Wind Foundation for oversea shipping
- Schneider Trucking for 2 truckloads
- Hallman Lindsay for transporting books from around Wisconsin.
- Pelliteri Waste – cardboard recycling
- Future Foam for shipping
- Allan Lund for pallets