Posted by Priscilla Thain
Bruce Harville, Program Chair, Betsy Nordstrom, President, with May 6 speaker Phil Hands, Editorial Cartoonist for the Wisconsin State Journal.
Phil Hands delighted the club with examples of his cartoons on May 6. Hands, who calls himself an opinion columnist who draws cartoons, has been on the editorial board of the Wisconsin State Journal since 2005. In addition to drawing the cartoons, he writes editorials and edits the letters to the editor.
Among the cartoons he showed were: The Edgewood Stadium as the most controversial issue in Madison; Tony Evers and the lame duck issue; the Badger Hollow Solar Farms destroying the environment; If we allowed gerrymandering in sports; Trump and Putin. Not all cartoons are satirical. A cartoon on May 6 showed Chewbacca with tears in his eyes at the news of the death of Peter Mayhew who played Chewbacca. Six cartoons are rejected a day because it is not funny or that’s not true. Hands draws the cartoons visually on paper with ink. Hands, a golfer, has a degree in Political Science from UWMadison.
Our thanks to Phil Hands for his wonderful, creative work and for his presentation to the club.