Club Member Betsy Nordstrom spoke about the benefits and methods of Personal Training for Fitness.
Long a vegetarian, she had done some weight training and informally taught about yoga. A believer in the value of Pilates for anyone, Betsy is close to certification in Mat Pilates. It's for any age, any degree of athleticism or physical limitations. Benefits of fitness, achieved through exercise and good nutrition, include disease prevention and a greater feeling of wellbeing. Aerobic exercise increases cardiac capacity, decreases resting heart rate, and decreases body fat. Strength training increases lean muscle mobilizes fat and increases testosterone and human growth hormone.

A personal training program begins with an assessment of maximum strength; flexibility, cardiovascular endurance; pulse, blood pressure and body mass index. Setting personal goals comes next. The tailored program can be carried out at home with components of cardio, balance and stretching, and strength training.

Her good nutrition recommendations included tips like eating 5 to 6 meals a day; consuming 1/6 fats, 2/6's protein and 3/6's complex carbohydrates; taking in water all day Eat for what comes next â€" most before active periods, least before sleep.

Thank you Betsy for the energy you bring to your clients, to the club, and to us.