Franci, from Italy, Sari from Finland, and Daniel, 2017-18 outbound exchange student to Denmark.


The club enjoyed a visit on January 9 from Sari, our 2014-15 exchange student from Finland, Franci, our current exchange student from Italy, and Daniel, our 2017-18 outbound change student going to Denmark.

Sari, from Finland

Sari graduated from high school last spring and has started at the University of Helsinki, majoring in psychology.  Right after high school, she traveled to nine countries.  She currently lives with a friend from high school.

Franci from Italy

Franci went to Ohio with his host family Brenda and Thom Weiss for Christmas.  He practices basketball every day and has games three times a week.  He calls his family every Sunday morning.

Franci went on the hockey weekend with the exchange students.  It was the first time he had seen hockey.

Daniel, 20017-18 Outbound to Denmark

Daniel, an Eagle Scout and a member of the National Honor Society plays soccer.  As a senior in high school, he has been applying to colleges.  His older brother and sister each went on two exchanges.  He recently met a kid from Denmark and practices his Danish.  For his Eagle Scout project, he created a gravel pathway and garden in an Elementary School.