Posted by Priscilla Thain
Sixty eight million people have fled their homes world wide and one half are kids, Susan Kierman told Breakfast Rotary on February 4. In FY 2018, the US admitted 21,000 refugees and 52 arrived in Madison, which is half of the year before. Their mission is to make a home in Madison. Open Doors for Refugees was founded in 2016. They currently have 350 plus volunteers. They are not associated with any faith based group, but work with Jewish Social Services and Lutheran Social Services.

Open Doors for Refugees supports their initial settlement by gathering donations of household items, setting up apartments, assisting with everyday tasks, helping with employment, offering cultural orientation and providing language assistance.
They also provide long term support so that refugees can succeed and integrate fully into the community. Public events are held to promote connections and cultural awareness, inclusion and to raise public awareness about the importance of refugees in increasing the richness and cultural diversity of our community.

ODFR is a non profit organization funded by individual contributions, grants, corporate gifts and fundraising events.

Our thanks to Susan Kierman for her wonderful work in our global community in the spirit of Rotary and for her presentation.