Posted by Priscilla Thain on Oct 13, 2019
Amy Montoya and Betsy Nordstrom holding fans with their names drawn by Nako in calligraphy on October 7.
Nako, the club’s exchange student from Japan, told the club about her life in Japan and demonstrated her calligraphy. Nako, from Konto, which is near Tokyo, has a sister on an exchange in Canada and a brother who is a university student studying web design. Her father designs machines used by doctors and her mother works in personnel in a paint company. They have three dogs, a Beagle, a Chihuahua , and a Dachshund. Nako shared a video taken by her parents of her high school calligraphy performance dance where Nako and the students wrote calligraphy while on the dance floor.
Nako plays the trumpet in the high school marching band. Her favorite Japanese foods are Sushi, Udon noodles and Tempura and she told the group how to make Nabe. You put all your favorite food in a pot and boil it up.
Nako loves plays, karaoke, and dance and music performances as well as fishing, nature, and fruit picking. She had never been to the U.S. before. She wants to use English more and visit Chicago. Welcome to Nako. We are delighted you are here. Nako’s first host family is the Kurka family.