Posted by Priscilla Thain

Leslie Sager, January 21 speaker, in front of pictures of women in Kenya.

Leslie Sager, a professor at the School of Human Ecology, and a part time interior designer, has started and supported a number of ongoing projects in Tharaka Nithi, Kenya along with her students.  The Nyumbani Village, built 12 years ago, is Kenya’s sustainable HIV/AIDS community where children live in little houses with a grandmother.  Structures are made of interlocking blocks of soil and concrete. The Green Belt Movement empowers women to conserve the environment by planting trees and improve their livelihoods 

The Success One project, the Kiondo Project: Women have historically made their kiondo baskets with yarn and sisal.    Leslie helps sell their baskets and plans to put gutters and tanks on their roofs with the proceeds.

The Success Two project:  Leslie’s students came up with a plan to illuminate home for $2 each with LED solar batteries, so the women could farm during the day and read and create baskets at night and crochet.  

The Success Three project:  The students designed a double sided water vest for the women to transport water.

Our thanks to Leslie Sager for her work in Kenya in the spirit of Rotary and for her presentation.