Justus Kirchhoff
Justus Kirchhoff gave us a quick tour of his county and his life on February 22. He opened his talk with helpful maps. He outlined the governmental system of Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel heads its parliament where parties are represented proportionally. Germany's economy is the third largest in the world with a GDP almost 1.5 trillion euros.

Justus illustrated that Germany is a land of ideas. Its philosophers, writers, and composers are among the most famous in the world. Pictures of some and snippets of others' music dramatized these famous men, among them Kant, Hegel, Goethe, Schiller, Mann, Handel, Bach, Beethoven.

Justus's home of Baden-Baden in is the southwest district of Baden-Wurttemberg near the Black Forest. It has a collection of museums and was the site of a NATO summit. Famous as a spa, its hot springs and waters have drawn visitors throughout its history.

Justus ended his talk with pictures of his school, family, and something of his hobbies aikido, golf, and drumming. Wisely, he isn't yet fixed on what fields he wants to study at university. Thank you Justus for this presentation and the many rewarding times you've given us Rotarians.

We all wish you the best.

2010 Outings with Justus Justus has something on his Madison wishlist. He'd like to visit the Overture for The Lion King. It's on from April 27 into May with many performances.

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