Peggy Zalucha, Rotarian from Mount Horeb, led of by describing the GSE program. She was the Rotarian team leader for the group who recently went to District 2790, Chibo Japan. We also welcomed guest Stephen Hittner of Wisconsin Rapids who was on that team.
GSE team leader, Rotarian Hiroshi Kaneoya, reminded us that Chibo prefecture is a sister state to Wisconsin. Chibo prefecture is close to Tokyo and on the coast. The sister states' populations are similar but Chibo's small area means that its population density is much, much higher. Hideko Aoki lives just outside Chibo and is a University teacher of Chinese literature. Among her pictures were charming ones of her wedding. She is engaged in her hobby, traveling, right now. Yasuharu Tada, the young bank clerk in the Chibo bank, counts his two dogs and ten cats among his family. He deals with home and personal loans and investments for bank clients. Michiyo Limore, a city officer in the city of Choshi, lives in the eastern-most tip of Japan where one can first welcome the morning sun. She has left three daughters at home and thinks that they and her husband will grow up during her absence, even though she misses them greatly. Masuyoshi Kita, teaches English in high school. He gave an amusing skit of a teacher-student Q and A session. Rotarian Hiroshi told of a variety of out-of doors activities that he promotes, among them camping, farming and forestry.