Posted by Priscilla Thain
Thom Weiss, October 8 speaker Ellsworth Brown, and club president Bailey Lagman
Ellsworth Brown, retired Director of the historical Society, and past president of Downtown Rotary, was the guest speaker on October 8. Without a heritage, every generation starts over, Ellsworth said. History makes us laugh and cry. What we learn from history is America has always been in war with itself. We have always been a nation in rebellion. Adam Burr shot the Secretary of the Treasury Hamilton. In he Civil War, 620,000 died, In the 1800’s partisanship was at an all time high and the newspapers called themselves outwardly Democratic or Republican. The U.S. has had its problems in the past and we will get through the current times.
Our thanks to Ellsworth Brown for his visit and thoughtful presentation. He is a member of the National Board of American History of the Smithsonian. George Smithson donated the land for the Smithsonian which has warehouses all over the country.