Posted by Eric Tindall on Aug 17, 2019
On September 12, 2019, instead of having our regular lunch meeting at the Holiday Inn we will be meeting at MCity, located at 2905 Baxter Road Ann Arbor MI, 28109. Members and guests will assemble at MCIty by noon. There is adequate parking in a lot just behind the UM Highway Safety Building.  Click MCity Map From Parking Lot showing a map how to get to the parking lot. 
  • There will be no lunch or formal meeting at the Holiday Inn that day.
  • The actual tour will take about 35 minutes and with questions we should be away by 1:00.  
  • wearing sun screen and perhaps a hat.
  • we will be standing all the time and he will be speaking as we move about. 
  • Moderate amount of walking
Mcity is a 32-acre (13 ha) mock city and proving ground built for the testing of wirelessly connected and driver-less cars located on the University of Michigan North Campus in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The project, which officially opened on July 20, 2015, is built on land purchased by the university from a former Pfizer facility. It cost US$10 million and will be collaboratively managed by Mcity (formerly the Mobility Transformation Center - MTC). 
Mcity is the world's first controlled environment specifically designed to test the potential of connected and automated vehicle technologies that are expected to lead the way to mass-market driver-less cars. Students and faculty in the University of Michigan College of Engineering utilize Mcity to work on projects and to collaborate with automakers and suppliers who will test vehicle technology at the course.
The site includes 4.25 lane miles of roadway that include several familiar features of urban driving, including signalized intersections, a railroad crossing, a roundabout, a traffic circle, brick and gravel roads, and parking spaces. Building facades can be moved and fake pedestrians can be altered for different kinds of tests. There are two simulated highway entrance ramps with ramp metering. Two features - a metal bridge and a tunnel - are a special challenge for wireless signals and radar sensors to get through.
Hope to see everyone on September 12th.
Click HERE to see interactive map