Micro Credit
Micro Credit Program
Micro Credit Program Between Rotary of Gbagada And Rotary of Ann Arbor North
Micro Credit Program Updates:
December 16, 2020: “Ososa Micro-Credit Scheme”
On December 16, 2020 Kickoff festivities for the 11th year of our joint Rotary Foundation Global Grant Project known as “Ososa Micro-Credit Scheme” - this is a $36,000 micro-loan and mentoring project with Rotary Club of Gbagada (Nigeria) to empower 200 entrepreneurs in the Ogun community. 
The Gbagada Club President Rotn(Hon) Isola Ogunsola and members of Rotary Club of Gbagada D9110 already on ground at Ososa today 16th December, 2020 for training and distribution of cheques to 200 beneficiaries of 13.5million Niaras upgraded Global Grant microcredit scheme jointly sponsored by RC Gbagada D9110 Nigeria, and RC Ann Arbor North D6380 USA. This fund is being managed on behalf of Gbagada Club by Star Microfinance Bank, Ososa, Ogun State. 
Rotary is touching lives and Opening Opportunities!
March 04, 2018: Photo of Two Women Club President's
“This elegant photo-poster was prepared by RCAAN’s Nigerian sister Club and International service partner, the Rotary Club of Gbagada (in D9110, Gbagada is a suburb of capital city Lagos) to commemorate the 2017-18 Rotary Year where both clubs coincidentally have a woman Club President- i.e., Ms. Adefowoke Oshikoya-Williamson at RC Gbagada (right photo), and Ms. Peg Windsor of RCAAAN (left photo).
RCAAN is pleased to partner and take action with RC Gbagada since 2008 in co-funding a Micro-finance Loan Project in Nigeria which was initiated by Rotn Ayotunde Onafuwa (a past member of RCAAN who retired and moved to his native Nigeria). The micro-loan project is in its 9th year and funds about $9,000 in low-interest loans (~ $50-100/recipient) to benefit about 40 small business entrepreneurs in the Gbagada community (such as bakers, seamstresses, handymen, tailors, convenience storekeepers, etc). The borrowers are mentored by Gbagada Rotarians to manage their cash flows, inventories and profits, and loan-repayment is nearly 100%.”
Written by Manish Mehta
Micro Credit - Two Women Club Presidet's