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Types of Exchanges

Each year, local Rotary districts and clubs worldwide arrange thousands of international Youth Exchanges for high school-aged students. There are two principal types of exchanges:

  1. Long-term exchanges usually last for an academic year. During your stay, you will live with more than one host family - typically three different families for three months each - and attend high school.
  2. Short-term exchanges vary from a few weeks to three months. You will not attend school on a short-term exchange, but you will most likely live with a host family. Rotary, however, offers a variety of short-term exchanges, including:
  1. Home stays: On a home stay, you will live with another family abroad. This type of program can be arranged for individual students or groups of students. A typical home stay may involve you spending a few weeks living with a family in Australia, while your host "brother" or "sister" lives with your family.
  2. Tours: Some short-term exchanges are structured as tours through one or more foreign countries. For example, on a short-term tour, you could travel through France and Germany with teens from all over the United States, or you could travel through Singapore with a group of students from all over the world.
  3. Camps: International youth camps bring students together from several countries to provide leadership training and address international concerns. Or, camps may simply be the means whereby students from different cultures get to know each other. Camps involving both able-bodied and disabled young people are popular in many countries. Whatever the camp, you're sure to meet some fascinating new friends.