Nazareth Moravian Churc
Center & Main Streets
Nazareth, PA 18064
United States of America

We are committed to helping vulnerable members of the community who are especially impacted during the pandemic.  Some District Grant funds for COVID relief was received and we have used 70% of the funds for projects related to school age youth through educational and food service deliveries.  

To coincide with winter timing of the Super Bowl, we would like to offer a weekend care package of food to be delivered to identified student households on Friday, January 29th.  

Our planned distribution locations are:  Greater Valley YMCA-Nazareth Child Care, Schaeffer Elementary School and Memorial Library of Nazareth.  Our goal is 60 bags of food items that can provide at least one sustantive weekend meal to supplement households in need.  A loaf of bread will be purchased for each bag with grant funds.  We hope each bag will provide 2-3 cans of soup, a box of granola bars or cereal type product, a jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread.  

Rotarians who are interested in supporting the project can offer assistance in one or more ways:

1.  Purchase items for the food distribution:  Canned soup, 12-16 oz jar of Peanut Butter, Box of Granola/Cereal bars.  Secure 20 paper bags from a local store (need 40 total).

2.  Help with packaging the grocery bags on 12/27 Wednesday evening at 5:30pm

3.  Be part of a delivery duo on Thursday, 12/28 at the identified locations.  

4.  Take photos of your part in this service project!

Please send an email to President Mollie for your interest or response to the project needs.  THANK YOU!