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Hugs from EMC

Yes thank you so much for coming.  I have attached the group picture.  I am so happy that you would like to be our guest reader next year!  Thank you!!
Thank you for partnering with our school.  It means to much to the teachers and students!
Sarah Hange
Second Grade Teacher, EMC Elementary School

Clemens Food Group

Craig Edisell (on left) and Keith Stahler (on right) of the Clemens Food Group spoke to the Club on April 24 at our regular meeting. This local business was founded in 1895 by John Clemens and is in it's 6th generation. Their business model has changed recently as they became a "Business Family" as opposed to the older "Family Business" model. The priority is now the business. Craig gave us the history of the organization.
Keith who handles the communications for the company, spoke about the corporate ethics and the core values which are integrity and stewardship. He described the company's commitment to ecology and the stewardship they offer by the way of corporate tithing. The operation has grown over the years and now boasts 4,000 employees speaking 12 languages and operating 3 plants, 15 farms and a transportation company in a vertically integrated business model.

Four-Way Test Speech Contest

Harleysville Rotary hosted their annual Four-Way Test Speech Contest on the evening of March 26th at the Peter Becker Community Arbor Square Conference Center. Four excellent speakers from the Dock Mennonite Academy presented their 5 minute talks centered on how the Rotary Four-Way Test was applied to a moral or ethical problem in which they were personally involved or knew of. Pictured above from the left are Four-Way Test Committee Member Kyle Zehr, First Place Contestant Ashley Mellinger, Second Place Contestant Madelyn Bergen, Mirabel Fizzano, Third Place Contestant Aya Berry, and Contest Chair Phil Janke. Miss Mellinger will be entered in the Regional Contest to be held at Ursinus College on April 13th.

Two New Harleysville Rotarians

New Rotarian Brenda Frederick receives her official Rotary pin from Sponsor Dinah Hayes. We look forward to working with Brenda in current and future Rotary projects.
John Benavage who was a prior member of the Rotary Club of Wilkes-Barre has now joined ranks in the Rotary Club of Harleysville. His sponsor Marsha Poust is shown here adding a new rotary pin to his lapel.   
The induction ceremony was conducted by Area 6 Assistant District Governor, Phil Janke. Phil described the Object of Rotary and the responsibilities of Rotarians to our motto "Service Above Self".

Dr. DeFazio Classification Talk

At our regular meeting on Wednesday, March 27th, Dr. Claire DeFazio presented her Classification Talk in which she described her vocational progression into the field of chiropractic. After 16 years of nursing she realized the merits of chiropractic medicine and changed the direction of her career path to attain a degree in that medical specialty. She now owns a practice in Hatfield in which all new patients receive a full spine X-ray before any manipulation of the spine begins to be certain that she does no damage because of a hidden condition. Signs of trouble in patients is often indicated by (1) impeded neck movement, (2) tingling of fingers, (3) headaches, or (4) pinched shoulders. Claire is extremely enthusiastic and passionate about her profession. We look forward to enjoying those positive traits in her work with Rotary.

New Paul Harris Fellow

President-Elect Gary Volpe pins on Frank Hueber's first Paul Harris Fellowship pin. Frank is the new Area 6 Rotary Foundation Coordinator and is working on getting all members of District 7430's Area 6 to become Fellowship members or encourage present Fellowship members to achieve the next level. The Foundation is the "financial engine" that makes most Rotary projects possible. Congratulations, Frank!

Indian Creek Foundation

George Casady, Director of Day Services at the Indian Creek Foundation, described the joy of having a job for the developmentally disabled clients of the Indian Creek Foundation. It is not so much the money as it is being a productive member of the community. On site tasks are performed throughout the area at locations such as Care & Share, the Animal Rescue Center, and the Peter Becker Community. Also, mobile work crews, who work for minimum wage, perform specific tasks at area businesses.
A new opportunity has been created that constructs sleeping mats for the homeless out of a product called "plarn" which is made from discarded plastic throwaway shopping bags. Workers perform many tasks including folding, cutting and weaving the plastic yarn. The mats are distributed in different ways such as the Norristown Police Department which carries them in their 3rd shift cruisers to give to homeless persons.
Harleysviile Rotary is very appreciative of all the services that ICF does to help make so many disadvantaged folks a vital part of our society.

         Indian Valley Public Library

Foundation of Friends

Dr. Al Grande from the Board of Trustees of the Indian Valley Public Library was our guest presenter on March 6, 2019. Dr. Grande introduced the Club to the newly formed Foundation of Friends at the library. He also went on to highlight the variety of services that the organization provides to the community. The process of loaning books is just a part of all the other activities that are available. In 2018 there were almost 250,000 visits, 1,200 programs, 19,000 program attendees, 270 groups totaling 4,000 people met in library meeting rooms, 1,500 museum passes were loaned out, 2,900 children attended summer learning events, and 5 hotspot devices were loaned out 131 times. It is manned by an 8 person staff and 31 part-time staffers along with 166 volunteers who worked over 7,500 hours. The library has become come a hub of educational and social activity.

Richie Aichele presents Classification Talk

New member Richie Aichele gave his Classification Talk on February 27th at our regular meeting. He became interested in Rotary through his late father who helped found the Rotary Club of Harleysville as an off shoot of the Souderton/Telford Club. Richie often assisted his father in Club functions such as Concert Sundaes, work service days and District Conferences. He grew up in Rotary family. These days he works as a field technician for a Harleysville based computer service company and operates his own IT service on the side. He was recently married to Amanda Aichele who is also a member of the Harleysville club. We are proud to have him as a member and look forward to having him apply his many skills to our service projects.


Our guest speaker on February 6, 2019 was Xander Duerkson who currently is a senior at Dock Mennonite Academy. Last summer the Rotary Club of Harleysville sponsored him as a camper at Camp Neidig, the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) camp to participate in a four day leadership program along with scores of other seniors from many high schools in District 7430. Xander described his hesitation and trepidation about going through this program since it was a way out of his comfort zone, but once he became involved he was amazed at all he learned about himself and the number of new friends he made.
This fall he will be heading to Eastern Mennonite University to further his education.  He is certain that this experience has better prepared him for college. Congratulations Xander and best wishes for your continued success.

The Magnificent Seven

On Wednesday morning, January 16th, seven new members were formally inducted into the Harleysville Rotary Club by President Steve Godsall-Myers and District Governor Cindy Hornaman. This was the largest class ever inducted into the Club at one time in our 25 year history.
Shown in the front row from left to right are New Members: Angela Davidson-Evanick, Beth Hilghman, Lois Ruth, Claire DeFazio, and Richie Aichele. Standing in the back row are: Member Sponsor LaVerne Sheetz, Club President Steve Gotsall-Myers, New Member Lani Goshow, Member Sponsor Dinah Hayes, New Member Anna Halteman, Member Sponsor Gary Volpe, Member Sponsor Phil Janke, and District Governor Cindy Hornaman.

Rotary Super Sponsor

All Rotary members are initially sponsored by an existing member. Usually they come to us one at time. But in this case member Dinah Hayes brought three new members to us in unprecedented action for the Harleysville Club.
The new members are (shown from left to right): Lani Goshow, Anna Halteman, (Sponsor - Dinah Hayes), and Lois Ruth. Congratulations and welcome to all. We look forward to your fellowship and service in Rotary.

Paul Harris Fellowship Awards

President Steve Gotsall-Myers (center) presented Paul Harris Fellowship Awards to Kyle Koffel (left) and Frank Romano (right). Both men received lapel pins signifying their continued financial support of the Fellowship. This is Kyle's 2nd award and Frank's 6th award. Congratulations gentlemen and thank you both for your continued support of this important work.

Leland Sapp of Peaceful Living

Leland Sapp, Chief Executive Officer of Peaceful Living in Harleysville, was our guest speaker at the our regular meeting on January 9th. Leland described the functions of this dynamic non-profit that directly benefits adults with developmental disabilities in our area. He summed up his presentation with the following mission statement designed to create Belonging through:
  • Companionship in the form of a sincere relationship built upon mutual trust and admiration;
  • Holistic Care - by helping people to live a life balanced in body, mind and spirit;
  • Enthusiasms Appreciated - sincere positive acknowledgment of the enthusiasms individuals offer to their community, (including highlighting that they are contributing in their own special way); and
  • Membership in a welcoming community that gives individuals an opportunity to thrive
We thank Leland and the rest of the staff for the important work they do in creating community in the Indian Valley.

Paul Harris Fellowship Award

Phil Janke (on the right) received a third Paul Harris Fellow lapel pin in recognition of his continued contributions to the Rotary Foundation. President Stephen Godsall-Myers presented the award at the December 5th Harleysville Rotary Club regular weekly meeting at the Peter Becker Community in the Arbor Conference Center. Congratulations to Mr. Janke for his ongoing support.

Frank & Frank

The team of Frank Romano (shown on the right) and Frank Hueber presented a program on The Rotary Foundation. Frank Romano is the District Foundation Chair and also the Club Representative for the Foundation. All members are encouraged to give to this important function of Rotary and the Franks showed how easy and painless it is to be a Sustaining Member by setting up an automatic donation that can be electronically made every month or quarter using a credit card or allowing the Rotary Foundation to make an automatic withdrawal from your bank account. The motto of the Foundation is "Doing Good in the World". Contributions can be directed to one of three categories. They are: Peace, Polio, and Humanitarian. Every cent of your contribution goes to wherever you directed it. Rotary takes no operational expenses. Few other charities can say the same.

Muscle Men Manage Mattress

This selfie shot by Rotarian Daniel Watson-Bey shows three other Harleysville Rotarians assisting a fellow member (not shown) by transporting a heavy steel frame sofa bed and mattress. Pictured from left to right are: Dean Shollenberger, Len Ruth and Lon Clemmer. All in a days service for these loyal Club members. We help others and we help our own.



Bill Tuzinski who is the ShelterBox Chairperson for Rotary District 7430 met with us to discuss current activities in the program. A ShelterBox is an emergency temporary tent shelter that is sent to any area in the world that has suffered a natural disaster. The tent forms a large geodesic dome that can hold up to 10 people. Included in the large plastic container that holds the tent are many other items including a stove, water purifying system, tools, blankets, solar powered lamps, eating utensils, ropes, and a large variety of other supplies that are determined by the location and nature of the emergency. The cost of a single unit is $1,000. Harleysville Rotary has sponsored many such units sent to places unknown and to people we never meet. It is all about our global commitment to serve our fellow man. Our thanks to Bill and others who work to make this possible.

Mennonite Heritage Center
Steven Diehl, Executive Director of the Mennonite Heritage Center, was our guest speaker at our regular meeting on November 7, 2018. Steve explained that the mission is to educate, inspire and witness to the church and community by collecting, preserving and sharing the Anabaptist/Mennonite story. The Mennonite Heritage Center houses a permanent exhibit Work and Hope, fraktur and changing exhibits, an historical library and archives, and a museum store. The Mennonite Heritage Center tells the story of Mennonite faith and life in eastern Pennsylvania.  It is home to the Mennonite Historians of Eastern Pennsylvania. The museum has over 12,000 items in its collection including hundreds of examples of fraktur. We thank Steve for his exciting presentation and the museum for its important presence in our community.

Rotary's World Polio Day 2018

In honor of World Polio Day, Harleysville Rotary invited Carol Ferguson, a member of the Doylestown Rotary Club and founder of a non-profit organization called Pennsylvania Polio Survivor Network, to come and speak to us. The first line of her organization's mission statement reads: "To be in Service Providing Information to Polio Survivors, Post-Polio Support Groups, Survivor's Families and Their Caregivers". Carol herself is a polio survivor. She found that as she aged the disease she had as a child came back to haunt her because of all the stress it had caused over the decades. She recognized that she  was not alone in this condition and realized that thousands of other polio victims from the 40's and 50's also were coming to terms with the long term effects of their disease. This network provides a conduit of information and support that helps polio patients cope with Post Polio Syndrome. The organization is expanding rapidly and has already been effective in several surrounding states. We thank Carol for her personal Service Above Self.

Watson-Bey Earns Rotary Institute Certificate

Daniel Watson-Bey (second from left) earned his Completion Certificate from the Rotary Leadership Institute today in Bethlehem, PA. Daniel is currently serving as Vice President of the Rotary Club of Harleysville and is the President of East Falls Media, headquartered in Lansdale, PA. We congratulate him on his initiative to better educate himself in all aspects of Rotary including honing his leadership skills.

Area 6 Presidents Discuss Club Plans

Assistant District Governor for Area 6, Phil Janke (center) is shown here with Paul Lorenz, President of Perkasie Rotary (far left), Suzi Berry, President of Souderton/Telford Rotary, Travis Robinson, President of Upper Perkiomen Rotary and Steve Godsall-Myers of Harleysville Rotary. Each of the Presidents talked about what their club is doing this fiscal year and their Club's future plans.

Tyra Elsner Inducted into Rotary

After being inducted by Club President Steve Godsall-Myers into the Rotary Club of Harleysville, new member Tyra Elsner received her first Rotary pin from Cindy Hornaman, District Governor of Rotary District 7430. The Governor was making a scheduled visit to Harleysville Rotary and was please to personally welcome Tyra into the 1.2 million men and women who make up the world wide community of Rotarians.

Purple Pinkie 5K Run and Fun Walk

District Governor Cindy Hornaman and PDG Frank Romano participated Saturday in the Fun Walk portion of the District 7430 annual Purple Pinkie 5k Run and Fun Walk. The event is named for the practice of dipping the pinkie of a new polio vaccine recipient to show that they have received the vaccine and don't accidentally receive an additional dose. This run has raised thousands each year to benefit the Rotary Foundation's Polio Fund.

After School Program at EMC

Tamara Callahan, Principal of E. M. Crouthamel elementary school in Souderton, joined us on September 19, 2018 to get us up to date on all the changes at EMC. They are currently undergoing an expansion project that has created a lot of challenges in their day-to-day operations. For example, they have had to live without their library and are using a cart to distribute books to the classrooms. There was no playground last year so a fenced in area was created in the parking lot. All the rain we have been receiving also made outdoor play impossible. Because the old playground equipment had to be moved, it may have to be made ADA compliant when it is reinstalled.
As part of the after school program, the kids get to play computer games using the Osmo System that was donated by Rotary. It watches children play learning games on an iPad and gives them feedback real time. Students can also do their homework after school and receive help from teachers. Construction should be completed by the end of October and things will return to normal. Tamara reminded us that volunteers are still needed for reading to students and some of our members are already doing that.

Mimi Kehan Classification Talk

Maryann Kehan (affectionally known as MImi) delivered her Classification Talk on September 12, 2018 in which she described her background and her current involvement as Campus Executive Director of Arbour Square of Harleysville. This is a continuing care  retirement community where residents rent with no buy-in. She actually returned from 7 years of retirement to accept this position because of her deep desire to serve. Mimi started out in the hotel industry in operations at Chestnut Hill Hotel. Following that she was heavily involved with McGettigan Partners - a travel agency headquartered in Philadelphia that had approximately 500 employees. In this new capacity at Arbour Square she is responsible for the welfare of 276 folks and she knows the name of everyone of them. In addition to the independent living spaces, the 22 acre campus includes a dementia unit and assisted living. She spends long days on campus and often takes time in the evening to visit hospitalized residents to let them know she loves and misses them.
Mimi looks forward to applying her skills to Rotary when or wherever she can. Harleysville Rotary is thrilled to capitalize on her fantastic management and people skills. We are pleased to have her as a new member.

Fall Festival of Fellowship

Invitations are now being mailed out to community leaders to invite them to a Harleysville Rotary social event designed to be not only fun but also an opportunity to learn about Rotary in general and Harleysville Rotary in particular. Guests will enjoy hot hors d'oeuvres and beverages and will have the opportunity meet many of our members and see exactly what we do for the community and the world.    

What Rotary did this Summer

Harleysville Rotarians gather together to brag to our District Governor about what we did this summer. Lt. Governor Phil Janke (shown kneeling on the left in the second row) organized this shot. Our summer events included raising $12,000 at the annual Big Red Rooster Scramble golf outing, selling 20 tubs of ice cream at Concert Sundaes, and suppling 30+ people to park cars at the 4-H Fair. We remain a busy and dedicated organization.

Jeff Pammer/Classification Talk

Jeff Pammer, Indian Valley Middle School Principal, gave his Classification Talk this morning and explained how a Kutztown football player ended up becoming an educator. On the first day of his first job out of college, he received a phone call from his old football coach telling him about a job opening in Florida that the coach had recommended him for. The coach insisted that he contact them and while on his honeymoon in Disney World, Jeff set up an interview with Mainland Senior High School in Daytona Beach where he ended up teaching history and coaching. This was a career that he had not seriously entertained but he loved it. After two years his wife got home sick so they returned to the Lehigh Valley. He accepted a position in a very challenging school in the Poconos. Later they moved to Souderton where he accepted the position of Assistant Principal at West Broad Street after receiving a call from Sam Varano. Interestingly, both men have become Rotarians since then. He continued his education by getting his Masters and PH.D. in Education while working full time. 
Harleysville Rotarian Pat White sponsored Jeff into Rotary. We look forward to working with Jeff and his dynamic personality as we continue to serve our community and the world.

Steve Conk Classification Talk

New Member, Steve Conk delivered his Classification Talk to the Harleysville Rotarians at the regular meeting on August 15, 2018. Steve grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He attended a Catholic grammer school and a Jesuit boys high school. At a dance that was attended by a nearby Catholic girls high school, he bet 25 cents that he could take a girl home that he had just met.  To make a long story short, they were married right out of college.
Steve's goal was to get into finance on Wall Street but somehow landed in industrial packaging calling on big accounts on Long Island. Things went well until the kids all moved out so his wife suggested he should change careers and do something else. So he finally went into finance and took a job with one of his sons. Living on Long Island can be pretty pricey so they decided to move to this area where Steve enjoys life as a financial planner and is doing well. He sees Rotary as an opportunity to give back to the community and we are proud to help him make that happen.

Janke Foundation Scholarship Winner

Daniel Kabakjian, a recent graduate of Dock Mennonite Academy, was the winner of an essay contest sponsored by the Janke Foundation. The foundation founder, Phillip Janke, is a member of the Harleysville Rotary Club. The basis of the essay was to describe the use the Rotary Four-Way Test in an ethical situation that he had personally experienced. Daniel chose choose his recent mission trip to El Salvador as the basis of his talk which he re-presented to the Harleysville Rotarians.
Phil Janke presented a plaque to Daniel with Daniel's name engraved on it which will hang in the school until next year. The plaque contains the names of past recipients and open spots for future winners.
Club President, Steve Godsall-Myers presents Daniel with an oversize check in acknowledgement  of his accomplishment. Daniel will be attending Grove City College in the fall. Our congratulations go to Daniel as we wish him future success in his chosen field.

Frank Romano on Rotary Foundation

PDG Frank Romano who is Chair for the Rotary Foundation in the Harleysville Club, condensed his usual 90 minute speech down to 15 for the benefit of Harleysville Rotary Club members. He stressed that over the last 100 years, the Foundation has spent $3 billion on life changing sustainable projects. There are six areas of focus for this funding which include: Peace and Conflict Resolution, Disease Prevention and Treatment, Water and Sanitation, Maternal and Child Health, Basic Education and Literacy, and finally Economic and Community Development. All of this is directed at doing good for the world and Rotarians are proud to do it.

Yes, we have a Winner!

Len Walter was the lucky winner of the weekly 50/50. His prize was approximately $900 less taxes. The other winner is Harleysville Rotary who will put their tax free share into community projects. Congratulations to everyone! New 50/50 contest starts next week.

Marsha Poust Classification Talk

New Rotarian Marsha Poust is a graduate of Lebanon Valley College. Armed with a degree in Economics and Business Administration, she began her career working for the Burroughs Corporation. In 2000, she moved to Harleysville with her husband and in 2006 they decided to open a Signs by Tomorrow franchise in Norristown but have kept their home here in Harleysville. Through contacts with other Rotarians, she saw Harleysville Rotary as a great opportunity to give back to the community. We are proud to have her as a member and have already benefited by her enthusiasm and generosity.

Dinah Hayes presents Dinah Hayes

New member Dinah Hayes gave her Classification Talk during our July 25th regular meeting. Dinah has had several interesting careers which included real estate and law. Most recently she started a new travel agency which she calls Dinah's Destinations. In conjunction with her interest in travel, Dinah gave a power point presentation of a recent trip to Bermuda. While there, she attended a meeting at one of the four Rotary Clubs in Bermuda and got an opportunity to discuss some common experiences since both clubs are breakfast clubs. We welcome her to Harleysville Rotary and look forward to working together in some great Rotary projects.

2018-2019 Harleysville Club Changeover

Upon the successful completion of his term as President of the Harleysville Rotary Club, Phil Janke presented Dean Shollenberger with an uncirculated one million dollar bill. Dean finished an historic year that showed growth in all areas of service  plus a growth in membership.

This is the rare million dollar bill shown in detail.


President-Elect Steve was presented with a sort of inspirational coffee mug in honor of his acceptance into the Presidency effective July1. This is Steve's unprecedented second time as President. No other member has ever served twice.


President-Elect Steve presented outgoing President Dean with a $250 memorial certificate good towards the purchase of a ShelterBox.


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We are neighbors, community leaders, and global citizens uniting for the common good. With you, we can accomplish even more.  We are ordinary people working together to accomplish extra ordinary things.
The Rotary Club of Harleysville is a volunteer service organization whose members donate their time and resources to help others in the community and throughout the world since 1994. Working together makes a positive difference and fosters friendships. We welcome you to join us and discover the spirit of Rotary.
The men and women of the club represent a cross section of the area’s business, professional and community leadership  and, like the other 1.2 million fellow Rotarians worldwide, are committed to the concept of “Service above self”.  As volunteers we actively support a broad base of local community groups and initiate projects to help make our community a better place in which to live and work.  As members of the world’s largest  service organization our club participates in many projects designed to stimulate world understanding and peace.


TO OUR ON-LINE GUESTS, we encourage you to explore the stories and pages of our website and we welcome any further interest you may have in our club        



The largest project undertaken by the Harleysville Rotary Club has been the development of the Charles Reed Memorial Park in Lower Salford Township.  Conceived by Rotarians and carried out in partnership with the Harleysville Lions Club, the project spanned several years and required raising about $300,000 to bring it to fruition It Includes a picnic pavilion as well as ball fields and playground for community use.  Rotarians continue to maintain the landscaping.



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