Audrey Rafferty Memorial Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser 
The Spaghetti Dinner was Friday, June 10th. We were happy to see so many Rotarians, family, friends and community members!
I would like to send out a Thank You  for everyone's participation in the Spaghetti Dinner.
Whether you volunteered to help, sold tickets, bought tickets, promoted the event or came to enjoy a delicious meal with friends, family and co-workers, your support of the Morning Star Rotary Spaghetti Dinner was greatly appreciated.
The day was filled with fellowship, camaraderie, laughs, labor and sweat in an aromatic atmosphere. 
The evening was filled with the enjoyment of the "fruits of the labor" not only with family and friends but also with fellow Rotarians both old and new. It was great to reconnect once again in this Social and Fundraising event.
Here's a recap of the event!  NET PROCEEDS EXCEEDED $2,000!
VOLUNTEERS 25 Rotarians  7 Nurse Family Partners  6 Victory House and 5 Non-Rotarians
Volunteer Hours Rotarians 165 Non-Rotarians 45
SPONSORS  Ginny Wolkoff  John Petruzzelli  Charlie Incalcaterra   Rick Santee  Russ Pacala and  Buckno Lisicky
Thank You!!