Some of us have wondered why we see only part of e-Bulletins we try to view in our smart phones or tablets.  
In most cases this is because your phone or tablet's email client only downloads part of the code in the message --
giving you enough to see if you want to continue downloading the whole message (if it's something you want to read) -- or discarding it (if you don't).
Here's how to ensure you can see the entire e-Bulletin:

1. Scroll down to the very bottom of the email where you should find a link from your email client asking if you want to download the whole message. Click that link and the entire e-Bulletin should download to your phone.

2. If your email client doesn't cooperate -- and sometimes it doesn't, there is a link at the top of every e-Bulletin, that says "Having troubles viewing this email?" If you click there, it will open the internet browser in your phone or tablet and take you to the bulletin.
Great guidance provided courtesy of Al Philpotts (Club Webmaster Downtown Rotary Club). 
Thank you Al!