Posted by Ron Searfoss on Jun 26, 2017
On behalf of the Board of Directors we want to thank everyone for their support this past year – President Fontana, all our members, volunteers, and the Board and Officers.  Special thanks to those Directors completing their two year commitment on the Board – Jeff Kiscka, Robin Metzler, Geoff Wright and Stephen Kazar (who completed the year for Dave Cincera who resigned. Stephen now starts his own two year term – thank you.)
At our Board meeting, Wednesday evening, June 21, we evaluated the openings and needs of MSR for Officers and Directors. There were three open slots for Directors and a need for a Vice President. Janet Kolepp had stepped up to the current VP slot in January creating one Director opening for the next year. I will fulfill the second year of her director term as she becomes President Elect.
There had been one opening for a Director for the 2017-19 term. With the tragic loss of Audrey Rafferty, a second Director was needed. We are very happy to report that Lynn Milet and Dino Cantelmi have graciously come forward to serve in these roles.
That leaves us in need of a Vice President to become fully engaged in the service to Morning Star.  Please give serious consideration to this need. There is much to be done by all of us as the club continues to expand in our community efforts. Please contact me or any Officer or Board member. The Four Way Test begins with Service Above Self.
Thank you.
Ron Searfoss
Past President