Wind Creek has been very happy to have Morning Star Rotary as one of the organizations benefiting from their Slot Voucher Donation Boxes located on the casino floor and by each exit. Slots customers receive slips to redeem their winnings but 'often times' simply drop them in the Donation Boxes.
Wind Creek vets 3 organizations each quarter to receive these customer donations. MSR had no idea of the dollar amount and our budget estimated $1,500 Total. We would have been grateful for any funding to help our programs. We are overwhelmed with the actual amounts:
Slots Voucher Donations from Wind Creek        
$ 3,366.42  for July
$ 2,522.08  for Aug
$ 2,302.49  for Sep
$ 8,190.99  Total
Truly amazing, the other two recipients, Rotary Club of Bethlehem and Victory House Lehigh Valley also received the same benefits!
Our thanks and appreciation to Susan Stachowski, Community Relations and all the folks at Wind Creek for all their support to our communities!