Morning Star Membership Growth
Last Thursday Rick Morrissey, Membership Chair highlighted the work done in the first two quarters by the Membership Committee. Conclusion: enlist all members at some level in growing membership. It is every Morning Star Rotarian's obligation.
Analysis of data found over 86% of members are over age 50, with 70% on the 'seasoned side' beyond age 60! Within the various groups the committee found a dozen 'Shadow Members' - dues paying but not attending meetings, engaged in club events, etc. This group is the most 'at risk'. Need to become engaged and involved.
First Thursday continues to be a solid success.
More programs needed to facilitate service and growth
Recruitment and Retention are of paramount importance to all members
Reevaluate classification diversity 
Basic conclusion in the words of Rick's 'favorite personality" Captain Obvious,  "We can help more people with more people!"