“....please remember there’s nothing nobler than serving a cause greater than your own self-interest.” -Senator John McCain
As you all are aware, because of Rotary I find connection all around us.  On a recent weekend once again that point was brought close again.  As I watched the funeral service at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC; this quote was shared by those speaking about the life of service that John McCain gave to this country.  I realized that our Rotary motto "Service above Self!" is another way to state it.  As Rotarians we have committed to a cause greater than ourselves - doing The Work of Rotaryserving humanity and making a difference.  
At the August 24th  meeting, Tom & I had the opportunity to share with you some of the experiences we had at the International Convention in June.  From the incredible speakers at the opening ceremonies, to meeting with new friends and old, to breakout sessions on The Future of Rotary and Corporate Social Responsibility we left the convention feeling inspired to come back to MSR and our Bethlehem community and commit our self to The Work of Rotary.
Plan-it Janet
Flu Vaccines, and Inoculation Myths 
Dr. Richard Hjorth will speak to us on this timely subject.
Look forward to seeing you!
Plan-it Janet