Last Thursday was an evening of fellowship and sharing Rotary at our First Thursdays @ 5:30 at The Artisan. 
We welcomed a number of guests who came out to learn about Morning Star Rotary and enjoy the fellowship of our Morning Star Rotarians. 
It was a busy Rotary week as committees and the Board were at work planning for future projects and the Strategic Plan. 
The Foundation committee met to review the ideas that were presented for the District Grant.  The Strategic Planning Committee met on Saturday to work on the next steps of the MSR Strategic Plan.  The information generated at our meeting was the foundation of the plan. 
MSR Planners in action!  Special THANKS to Cheryl Baker for an excellent job as facilitator and to Lynn Milet for graciously hosting this crew!
The 5 Clubs of Area 2 are conducting the Outreach project next month on Saturday, March 11 at the HUB at Moravian College.   A short presentation on the project will be shown at our meeting this week and there will be a sign up sheet. 
This will be an excellent opportunity to invite friends, neighbors & people of action to experience Rotary at work.  Updates will follow on the District Grants, MSR Strategic Plan and Outreach at future meetings.
Our speaker this week is one of our newest members, Josh Mrozinski. We look forward to his classification talk and learning more about Josh.  He has already become fully engaged in activities as a newly elected Board member by attending Board meetings and being an integral part of the Strategic Plan process.
President Sharon, Rotary Serving Humanity