Our speaker at our May 10th meeting was Dr. Amy Korman, from the Penn State Extension based in Northampton County. The topic was the Spotted Lanternfly (SLF).
What is it? How did it get here? What is the impact? What homeowners can do? Statewide efforts for control?
The SLF is really a Fulgorid Planthopper, actually another illegal alien which has come to  PA via international commerce and taken a liking to trees in Berks County in 2014. The SLF has proven to be a serious threat to agriculture.
Dr. Korman sited some PA statistics which were shocking eyeopeners:
National rankings of some threatened PA commodities –
         Hardwoods: #1 exporter in USA
         Apples: 3rd largest producer in USA
         Grapes: 5th largest producer in USA
         Peaches: 5th largest producer in USA
         State Parks: 3rd in US in acres
The life cycle finds the Fly laying egg masses in trees through the fall and depending on the weather this may continue through December. In spring, they hatch, pierce the bark and feed on the sap. Compounding the problem, they exude “honeydew” as they feed. The honeydew gets on everything and in addition to hurting trees, it has very negative impacts on outdoor household items, vehicles, campers, trailers, hard goods such as stone, tile and decorative materials, firewood, nursery stock and natural decorative materials.
Current efforts at control focus on public awareness and quarantines in key areas of infestation. This challenge is so new there has not been time for appropriate research to identify solutions.
Please be aware of the Spotted Lanternfly challenge. Check google for more info and be on the lookout for this unwanted pest.
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Our speaker this Thursday, May 17, will be fellow Rotarian from Easton and Past District Governor, BJ Metz. He will speak to us about Rotary from his perspectives locally and around the world.
BJ will challenge us as part of this great organization  to wear our pins proudly and continue to Make A Difference in the world.
Hope to see you there!
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