Posted by Cheryl Baker on Nov 08, 2017
I’m so sorry I was unable to be with all of you Thursday evening, but thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. I continue to recover more daily, and will be much better Wednesday once I’ve had a chance for my post-op visit; the doctor will remove a drain I’ve been tethered to and I won’t have need for painkillers after that.
Given that progress, I’m looking forward to seeing the board on Wednesday night for our board meeting! I will try and make the meeting the next morning, also. No guarantees, but that’s my hope. 
I’m also going to try and make the Salute The Troops concert next Sunday.
Looks like everyone had a great time Saturday at TJ-wish I could have been there, but you were in Jess’ capable hands! Thank you all for your commitment.
We all continue to wish Cheryl a timely and safe recovery and look forward to her return.