At our last regular program on February 22, 2018, we had the pleasure of being educated on the PA Gaming Control Board by Richard McGarvey, Deputy Communications Director.
As Rich pointed out, “this has nothing to do with the deer population, nor raccoons under your deck or a bear in a tree!”
The PA Gaming Control Board (PAGCB) is tasked with monitoring the 4 types of gambling in Pennsylvania: Horse Racing, Small Games of Chance, Lottery Games and Casinos. It operates at no expense to taxpayers.
The primary objective is to ensure that casinos are safe and gaming is fair. The Role of the Board is being expanded.
Gaming industry integrity is assured through a comprehensive regulatory framework and when necessary, fines for various problems. Fines levied are approaching $7.0M. The Board has identified certain individuals who have proven to be detrimental to the industry’s integrity. 785 persons have been permanently banned from PA casinos.
Millions of dollars per year from casino revenues go to outreach and treatment services through the PA Dept. of Drug & Alcohol Programs.
Rich emphasized that casinos are very safe and secure. The Eyes are on the floor and in the sky!
Smoking is partially permitted under the Clean Indoor Air Act of 2008. Up to 50% of the casino floor can be designated to permit smoking.
PA is #2 on Casino Gross Revenues nationally.
PA is #1 in Casino Tax Generation.
The Total Yearly economic impact of the gaming industry in PA is nearly $6.2B Tax on play of slots and tables generates $3.7M of tax revenue per day…resulting in $1.4B annually!
Where does the tax revenue go
Property Tax Reduction                                                        $780M
Sustainability of the Horse Racing Industry                       $255M
New Dollars to Casino Host Local Governments               $155M
Statewide Economic Development Projects                       $120M
General Fund – Lowers Overall Tax Burden to Citizens    $  90M
County Fairs & Fire Company Grants                                  $  32M
Thanks to Rich for a very interesting presentation.