Last Thursday we had the pleasure of learning about Care Patrol from Mary Ann Pickell, CEO of the local franchise. She emphasized the need for planning as life is an ever-moving experience.
But the focus here is toward the later stages of life:
Where will I live if I start to have difficulty living in my home?
What should I do if I can no longer take care of myself?
We do not tend to think about or plan for these questions until they happen which is usually under a stressful circumstance, like a hospitalization.
Taking your next step…
Planning for Senior Care and Understanding the options
Signs that you or a loved one may need more help
Types of Non-medical Supportive Care
Paying for Care
Having the “talk” with your loved ones
CarePatrol Mission Statement
We exist to provide safer care options to seniors across America
We help families find Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care and In-Home Care
We review the care and violation history of the communities we work with
We tour our clients to our recommended facilities much like a realtor shows families to new homes
We are a Free community service because we are paid by thousands of providers in our network.
Plan ahead. Control your destiny.
Mary Ann provides professional guidance to help you or a loved one better assess options and make an informed decision within your means and objectives.
Mary Ann Pickell, CSA Cell: 610-509-7050 Off: 610-509-0445 Fax: 610-709-6120
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