Morning Star Rotarians!
In honor of November being Foundation month, the Grant Committee is running a special on Foundation points for anyone working towards their first Paul Harris award. This includes both new members and members who are not considered new.
You are a new member if you have joined the club since July 1st, 2018.
During the month of November, the club will match your Foundation donations 1:1 up to $100.
Janet Kolepp, AKA, Melinda Gates, AKA, our Club President AKA District Governor Nominee, will also match your donation 1:1 up to $100. 
This means that if you donate $100 to the Foundation during the month of November, you will have earned 300 points toward your Paul Harris award. 
IF you are a new member (joined since July 1st 2018) it gets EVEN BETTER since, the club automatically matches your first $100. So you would in fact be at 400 points, AND if you were to donate another $100 this Rotary year (ending June 30th, the club would match that and you would be at 500 points, half way there. But DON'T worry about the math, that is our job.
How can you donate?
Couple of ways:
1. At the $2/week, as you walk into the meeting every week, you can donate any amount 
2. Or you can mail your donation to Tom Hartzell at 1341 Biafore Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18017. He will not be at many meetings in November but he will be there on the 29th.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
The Grant Committee
Susan Burnett