Our speaker last Thursday, was Fred Rooney.  Fred's life and work is a special interest story.
His innovative work has significantly contributed towards providing access to justice for the impoverished and minorities on the local, national, and international level. Fred Rooney continues to provide a living example of what it means to work towards "providing liberty and justice for all" in the Americas.
Fred Rooney became an attorney with a dream to provide access to the legal system for everyone. His efforts were successful and in 2007 -
From that beginning, the concept has been embraced with incubator programs in 33 states of the USA!
In the past few years the legal incubator concept has gone international with the first group in the Domincan Republic.
The concept resonates with people all over the world. Incubators are now in India, Turkey, Central and South America and the foundations are being put in place in Cuba.
Fred is an exceptional individual and we can all give thanks for his vision and tenacity in pursuing his goals. Truly a man Making A Difference!