Posted on Apr 24, 2018
A brief preliminary update on the Audrey Rafferty Memorial Scholarship ARM (Audrey Rafferty Memorial) Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser –
Overall meals were up more than 40+ over last year. This also reflects a growing number of ‘takeout’s’. Proves the aroma of the sauce is spreading throughout the community.
There was significant support exhibited from some of our other community groups including Bethlehem Special Olympics, Victory House, and Nurse Family Partnerships. Our Scholarship Recipient, Isa Sanchez, was very engaged in distributing salads accompanied by her niece.  Thanks also to all the ‘diners’ who enjoyed the food and fellowship.
Special thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the event such a wonderful success. I personally want to thank the committee for the very effective redesign of the workflow assignments which made everything move more efficiently.
A complete report will be forthcoming from Event Chair Extraordinaire, Val Walk.
Thank you to all and especially the great work in the kitchen with Butch and all the folks.