Our speaker last Thursday was Tony Ortiz, the Host of Nuestro Valle. Tony was born in Mexico and has been a resident of the Lehigh Valley for more than 25 years. Tony has more than 24 years of experience in television. 
He presents a fresh vision of the new generation of Hispanic immigrants: highly educated, entrepreneurs and professionals from the academic and scientific world.
Nuestro Valle (Our Valley) is a program with topics of general interest produced by RCN with Tony Ortiz as producer and host. His job is to get the information out there that people are interested in. Great focus on transparency.
Each week important topics are presented that affect the growing Hispanic community in the Lehigh Valley, including Health, Legal and Political Issues, and Community Leaders.
Tony’s observations around the Lehigh Valley were quite telling. “There is way too much parochialism in many areas.” We have many, many topics and areas of challenges for discussions and actions in our communities. He emphatically implored Rotary to “get out there! Show the community what we can do.”
"There are 10 Rotary Clubs in the Lehigh Valley. They are focused on doing good in our communities and making a difference in our world. Bring this energy to the communities!"
Our own Rick Santee proudly announced that youngest son, Tom, will be graduating from Penn State with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. In addition, through his Naval ROTC efforts he has received his certification to attend Naval Flight School to train as a fighter pilot.  God Speed Tom!
Honorary Morning Star Rotarian, Don Smith, has been dealing with some medical challenges. Don is the father of BethAnn Wright and father-in-law to Geoff Wright. Please keep Don and the family in your thoughts and prayers.
On a related note, our exchange student, Francesca, has returned to her prior host family, the Pompa’s. Please keep this in mind and reach out to Francesca whenever possible to include her in your activities.
President Cheryl presents our newest member, Gayle Justice, with her official "Red Badge".