Thursday, May 19th, we met at Traditions of Hanover. Cathy Heimsoth, Executive Director and Megan Sedlock, Marketing Director, welcomed us and provided interesting incites into the  Traditions family philosophy and dealing with the pandemic impact. People need people. Cathy highlighted the critical need to take care of our selves. Neglecting this contributes to anxiety and depression. Traditions seeks the balance to level things out. The Traditions community makes it much easier with others around.  New challenges being experienced are the inclusion of inter-generational residents reflective of the aging baby boomers with changing perspectives. A continual measure of their community focus is the longevity of both the patients in residence and the long term staff. With a 124 person capacity and a robust waiting list, it is recommended people plan ahead realistically.
We want to thank Traditions for their continued support and look forward to engaging in other events.
Reminder - Save the Date Saturday Nov 5th for the return of Salute The Troops concert to the Northeast Middle School.