Last week we were "visited" by Katarah Jordan, Executive Director of the Second Harvest Food Bank. Katarah started her new position the first week of CV19! How is that for a steep learning curve!

The mission of the Second Harvest Food Bank of Lehigh Valley and Northeast Pennsylvania is to obtain food and distribute food to people in need through area nonprofits, and to provide resources for education and advocacy to end hunger.

The Second Harvest Food Bank is a program of Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley.

Food Bank versus Food Pantry - Key Distinctions

A FOOD BANK is an organization that collects product from the food industry and food drives, inventories and stores it, and distributes it to member agencies, including food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters, that provide food directly to individuals in need. A food bank has the capacity to distribute millions of pounds of grocery product every year. Food banks make it easy for agencies to obtain nutritious food at low cost in the quantities they need for their clients.

A FOOD PANTRY is a member agency that distributes food directly to those in need who reside in a specified area. A food pantry is a member agency of, and obtains food from, a food bank. Both food pantries and food banks share the same commitment: to provide food to those in need.

(Thanks to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest Pennsylvania for the definitions)

Primary focus is helping food insecure folks in their 6 county service areas. 

When questioned on the biggest need of SHFB, Katarah responded with an answer very familiar to Rotarians: Reach out, spread knowledge, volunteer and donate!