Due to changes in the Bethlehem Health Dept, the Flu Vaccine clinic will not be offered this year.  Please make arrangements to receive this vaccine at your health care provider office, area pharmacies, or other approved locations.
  • The High Dose Fluzone/quadrivalent is recommended for 65+
  • The High dose Flumist/Quadrivalent is recommended for 2-49 yrs
  • The Fluzone/Quadrivalent is recommended form 6+ months 
The Flu vaccine should be obtained before Nov 1.
Keep in mind that the COVID-19 pandemic will be continuing creating a double whammy flu/virus season.  BEWARE…wear a mask (correctly), hand washing, practice social distancing, and avoid crowds. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Personal and public health is your responsibility!
and remember to drink your water!!!
Janet A. Sipple, RN, EdD