Director of Equity and Inclusion, City of Bethlehem (Zoom)
Janine Carambot Santoro, Director of Equity and Inclusion, City of Bethlehem joined us last Thursday.  As Director, her focus is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as Community Liaison throughout the many areas of the City of Bethlehem. This includes collaboration with the many Community Partners and Diversifying Authorities, Boards and Commissions of the City and community. Three Major Endeavors highlighted were the Climate Action Plan, City Equity Plan and City Broadband Plan. Considering our evolving Rotary emphasis on DEI and the newest Area of Focus - Supporting the Environment, we have some exciting opportunities to "collaborate" with various areas in the City to dramatically engage new projects to help continue to improve our community. Please see the presentation file Santoro Presentation.  Note:  there are links at the bottom of the slides to also take you to additional critical data and information. Recommended you review this presentation prior to our February 23 evening meeting on our Environmental Support. Thank you Janine for opening the doors to new opportunities for Morning Star Rotary to expand our community engagement!