Rick Morrissey MSR and of the RI Environmental Sustainability Team, presented the Rotary New Area of Focus-Supporting the Environment. 
In June 2020, the Rotary Foundation Trustees and the Rotary International Board of Directors voted unanimously to approve Rotary's 7th Area of Focus - 
Support the Environment.
Mission - Develop greater awareness of environmental issues, and educate and inspire Rotarians, Interactors, and others to effect positive changes.
District 7430 is fully committed to Rotary's 7th Area of Focus. DG Bob Hobaugh encouraged the formation of an Environmental Sustainability Team in 2021.
The Team is well represented by Rotarians from throughout the District and by a number of non-Rotary subject matter experts.
To view the presentation click Sustainability Team Presentation or access the Download on the website.
Rotary New Area of Focus - Supporting the Environment (Zoom)